Zero Waste Shopping In Cardiff and The Vale

Over the last 12 months there has been a revolution of zero waste shopping in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. In August 2019 (so now) we have three zero waste stores. Two in Cardiff and one in Barry. Why is a zero waste shop so important when changing your lifestyle to have less single-use plastic?

Single Use Food Packaging

My black bin rubbish is mostly food packaging. I feed two adults and three children three meals daily. I want to feed them nutritious food but I also don’t have time to cook from scratch every single day. While I have reduced the amount of meat eaten at meal times we aren’t vegetarian or vegan.

Supermarkets have given us convenience but they have also given us a massive waste problem. Zero waste shopping helps me reduce my waste in a big way.

Viva Organic

This was the first zero waste store to open up and initially I was excited to go. Personally the parking is too difficult for me to go there. After a couple of aborted visits I never went again. Before any asks a bus isn’t possible, I live in area with one bus per hour and it goes nowhere near Pontcanna.

Ripple Living

The second zero waste shop to open in Cardiff. Based on Albany Road it’s pretty much opposite the church, down the quieter end. There is off-street parking and I have always found a space. Considering I drive the best part of ten miles to get there this is important to me! 

Iechyd Da

The closest zero waste shop to my home is in Whitchurch village. It’s down the bottom end of the main street close to the gift shop. This is now the shop I use the most. You can read more of my shopping routine here in this blog. Whitchurch has two car parks that are free for two hours.


Located in Barry this shop has a small cafe too.

I love that Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan are leading the way in zero waste shopping. If you aren’t sure if you have a zero waste shop near you try this post on Pinterest.

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