The Real Scary Story For Halloween

In my day (yes I sound old) Halloween wasn’t a big deal. Now, it’s huge with aisle upon aisle of Halloween stuff in supermarkets and stores across the country. But what cost is our new desire to throw the Halloween party of the century?

Costumes are one of the biggest sellers, and like wedding outfits you are unlikely to wear the same one twice. But what do you do with your old costume? Do you pass it on to someone else? Do you throw it away?

Generally what we don’t think about is the fact most costumes are made from man-made plastic based materials. Materials that are not compostable and usually not recyclable once they are too damaged to be re-worn.


The plastic pollution of Halloween costumes has recently been calculated at 2,000 tonnes. I don’t know about you but whenever we talk about plastics I picture bottles or food packaging, not considering novelty waste like fancy dress costumes. Never in a million years would I have pictured 2K tonnes of plastic waste. 

So, what is the point of this post? A lot of reducing pollution has to be thinking about what we buy. We can complain about companies and the pollution or waste they are creating; but if we didn’t buy it, they wouldn’t be making it. This goes for Halloween. Don’t buy the single use items, buy costumes you know you will re-use for years or make your own costumes. Anyone else spend their childhood as a ghost with a sheet thrown over them with holes cut out?

Say no to Instagram perfect balloon walls in orange and black or Halloween party decorations like plastic glitter confetti. 

It is boring; maybe I am boring, but I’m also much more aware that the cost of whatever I buy is much more than the price I paid for it. Our Halloween parties are spooky looking food (Pinterest is amazing for ideas on this), and the same paper banner I use year after year. I will never win any awards best and most amazing party setting but I don’t throw much away either. And the latter is more important for me.


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