The Inspiration

What is Eco Infinity?

“When science geeks get serious about plastic”

“Eco friendly products and parties for people who want to get serious about zero waste”

“Plastic free products and parties that help the environment while having a great time”

A day dream

You care about the environment you really do. You want to do more, but every time you look at the recycling box and see it full of plastic packaging you feel deflated. It feels like a battle you cannot win. Your children have a birthday party, it’s important to them, it’s important to you, but unless they eat directly off the table or off the floor, you’re going to find it hard to not use any plastic at all. You want it be special and you really care about the environment, but you have so much to think about….

I know how this feels, that was me a few years ago.

Let me take you back to one sunny afternoon at a children’s birthday party, a pivotal moment for me. I’m standing there hypnotised, watching several bin bags get filled with an assortment of party supplies. Plastic coated paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery and leftovers. It was an eyesore, one that gave me sleepless nights, I mean, surely there was a better, more eco friendly way of doing things?

I was more than just curious, I started to wonder whether I could come up with something better?

I mean was there a way, a more environmentally friendly way to party, without the waste?”

That’s how I started. I began offering plastic free parties. You can be a novice party planner or an experienced event planner but what I offer is biodegradable, recycle party supplies.

I also offer plastic free homewares. That is plastic free utensils and storage options you can use in your home and shop with.

My plastic free parties are the bees knees of my business. It’s all about generating less waste in as many aspects of our lives as possible. I zone in on parties and offer products they can use and then throw on the compost heap and disintegrate naturally without doing harm to the environment.

Plastic free parties is my aim and my ambition. It really fires me up. That might be one small step for zero waste, but all of it amounts to one greater leap for the environment – and I’ll take that. There are other areas that people can take care of – I’ll take the parties, and for now I want to take that one part of the greater whole and do it well.

I was a microbiologist. Passing my MSc is still up there in my top highlights after having my children.

And then I gave it all up after having my eldest son so I could focus on him and start a business.

For 2 years I blogged part time and from this the business kind of grew organically from it. I’m now the mum of three beautiful children and my business has grown at a calm and steady pace while I take care of my family. Watching my children grow and learn has been such a gift – listening to them read and reading to them is everything.They mean the world to me.

But I also have a million ideas, and I want to make each and every one of them count.

Looking at my 3 children I knew I wanted to be able to say to them one day that I tried to change things, that I tried to do something. I wanted them to know that perhaps I couldn’t change the world, but I could try and change a small part of it, our corner of it. To change how people bought, how they thought about the environment, and to consider single use products and about all the other options that don’t involve the use of plastic.

The one final thing that made it real for me was when I took part in the Volvo Ocean Race in Cardiff, and the insurmountable evidence of what plastic is doing to the planet.

My aim is to not only create plastic free parties and products but to use what I’ve learnt so far to campaign for better composting process throughout the UK.

At the moment no councils in the UK accept compostable products – and I want to change that.

I also want to showcase other eco friendly options such as my new family homeware range.

If you want some interesting facts on being more eco friendly and helping create a zero waste lifestyle, I also still write a weekly blog, and you can take a look at what I write about here. It’s a nosegay into the eco friendly life and how you can create a zero waste environment for you and your family, passing on what you’ve learnt to others who are equally passionate about living in a world that’s free from waste, and products which seriously harm the ecosystem.

And if you want to try my eco friendly plastic free products, you can go here where you can get 10% of your first order by using the code FIRST. And you’ll not only get a seamless, friendly customer service – you’ll also get one of my jokes, because I like to share the funny with all my customers. And what kind of world is it where you can’t have a laugh every now and again?

In fact while we’re on the subject of funny how about that time I put Coconut Oil in my hair after watching a particularly absorbing instastory. They said rinse out. I went to rinse out, but to no avail, because apparently it doesn’t rinse out – with water. I don’t know exactly what they’d used, but by the end of it, all I can say is that I looked like a Waynetta wannabe, not the glamorous beauty with shining, glossy hair I thought I’d turn out to be. But hey! It was a lesson learned, all I can say is DON’T DO IT.

Now listen..

If you’re a new mum, I know you’re going to loooove my new homeware range because it’s all you need to help create a beautiful, useful, functional kitchen and it helps you to help the environment, creating a zero waste lifestyle that helps everyone. And you’d be surprised at how sturdy they are, no weak and easy-to-break products here!

If you want to create a plastic free life, generating minimal landfill waste, and be able to utilise good quality plastic free products at affordable prices, then EcoInfinity is for you.

I’m really happy to have you onboard.

Eco Friendly Party Supplies to Go Green