The Inspiration

What is Eco Infinity?

Eco Friendly Party Supplies

What was the inspiration to set up Eco Infinity? Recent evidence shows the year 2050 there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Plastic pollution is a real problem. As a mother of three I have hosted countless children’s birthday parties and other gatherings. I was keen to find a more eco friendly way of hosting a party.

All our party supplies are easily recycled. Eco party decorations made from paper and cardboard. Biodegradable and compostable party dishes and cutlery. Vintage inspired paper straws that don’t go soggy as soon as you put them in your drink.

Ditch the party plastic and go green at party times with Eco Infinity.

Eco Friendly Party Supplies to Go Green

Eco Friendly Homeware

In 2018 I made a decision to make a conscious decision to reduce my waste. To help me succeed I spent a lot of time researching the best way to buy and store food. Food packaging, particularly plastic packaging accounts for most of our household waste. Eco friendly and recyclable glass storage options, bamboo products to replace wooden items and reusable bags and wipes. Eco Infinity can help you become minimal waste as well.

Home Composting and Recycling

Imagine a party with zero waste going into your black bin and ending up in landfill. Eco Infinity makes that seem possible. You can throw the compostable party supplies onto your domestic compost heap with your food waste. Recycle the paper decorations in your kerbside collections. There is no bio-plastic in any party tableware so it is all suitable for home composting.

Currently with ever reducing black waste collections and Government bans on single use plastics in the U.K. becoming a reality soon, there is a necessity to change our buying habits.

What is Your Inspiration?

Why not start today? Small changes by one person mean big changes over their lifetime.