25 Sugarcane Compostable Disposable Bowls (8oz)


25 8oz Compostable Bowls

  • Easy to dispose of just throw them on your compost heap with your food waste.
  • Sturdier than paper bowls.
  • Suitable for use with hot and cold food.


Compostable Disposable Bowls

Our 8oz disposable bowls are ideal for ice cream and sweet treats at parties. You could also use them for salad or savoury foods, but who eats salad at a party? Made from sugar cane, which is a natural non-wood fibre, these bowls are fully compostable on a domestic compost heap. If you have access to a commercial compost system they will degrade even faster.

Unlike traditional paper plates they can also withstand hotter temperatures and liquids without losing their rigidity.

Eco Infinity supplies eco friendly bowls and eco friendly party supplies; try them today.


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