Compostable Tableware Zero Waste Party Pack (1 Place Setting)


Compostable Tableware

  • One 7” compostable sugarcane plate.
  • One 8oz compostable sugarcane bowl.
  • One  9.5” round plate.


Compostable Tableware Party Pack

Eco Infinity’s compostable tableware party pack is perfect for easy catering with minimal clearing up. Each pack comes with place settings for one person. Buying a person table setting saves 5% on buying them individually.

Earth friendly party supplies

Compostable party supplies make clearing up easy. Simply throw your tableware onto your compost heap with any fruit and veg peelings. No sorting, no recycling and no full black bin bag of waste waiting until the next collection. Bagasse are the eco friendly disposable plates compared to paper plates.

Why use them? The look good, especially when used with bright coloured contrasting tablecloths and napkins, sturdy, microwaveable and a variety of designs. For more green party ideas look at the general party supplies offered. Compostable plates are the future of party catering.

Affordable eco friendly party supplies from a U.K. business.

Add paper straws, paper party bags and napkins to your order for the full eco friendly party experience.



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