25 Compostable 7” Plates


7“ Compostable Plates

Fully compostable these plates will degrade on a home or commercial compost heap in around 45 days.

Buy them in packs of 25 or singly according to your needs. If you are after a bulk order contact me and I can tailor a quote for the amount you require.



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Compostable Plates

Eco Infinity sells eco friendly compostable plates. What does that mean? No more black bin waste, you put these plates on your compost heap and they completely degrade. They are made from sugarcane fibre, a natural by-product of sugar production.

Advantages Over Paper Plates

  • They are sturdier than paper.
  • They can be used in the fridge and even microwaved.
  • Resist water temperatures of up to 100 degrees and oil temperatures up to 150 degrees.
  • Paper plates once they are greasy can no longer be recycled. These sugarcane plates will biodegrade on your compost heap no matter what food you eat from them.

So if you are looking for an eco friendly disposable plate these would be ideal. Take a look at Eco Infinity’s other eco friendly party supplies.


Additional information

Single plates

Buy single plates.

25 pack

25 compostable sugarcane plates

100 pack

100 compostable sugarcane plates


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