Paper Straws

Paper Straws

Paper straws are more environmentally friendly than plastic straws. Available in many different colours and patterns you can brighten up any party with eco friendly straws. If you have often wondered where to buy them then look at our selection of patterned drinking straws. Bulk buy drinks straws or splash out on some cute party straws.

Stripey Pink Paper Straws

All paper straws are recyclable and a more eco friendly alternative to the cheap and cheerful plastic straw. Switching to zero waste to landfill from your drinks, especially using a reusable cup or compostable cup as well. If you are concerned about hosting a sustainable party Eco Infinity can help you.

The majority of our paper straws are striped but there are some lovely themed designs. I love the Halloween straws. Think how much your children would love them too!

Eco Friendly Paper Straws and Glass Milk Bottles

Look for more home party accessories in store made from eco friendly materials.

Pass on plastic straws and choose paper. They work really well the compostable party supplies also on sale.