You will see that hashtag a lot in July. Maybe you will hear people talking about zero waste and not using being plastic free during July. Currently around 8,000 people have registered to take part. I am one of them. Eco Infinity is doing #plasticfreejuly too. I did it last year on my blog Toy Infinity and it is actually really hard to cut out all plastic. This year I am concentrating on eliminating single use plastics rather than living without plastic.


My Challenge

  • No plastic drink bottles. If we’re out and need a drink because we’re not organised enough to have remembered our bottle we’ll buy a can.
  • 90% of bathroom waste isn’t recycled and the bathroom is probably the place I use most plastic. I’ve made a change by buying shampoo bars and soap bars. No more plastic bottles!
  • Using my own containers in the local butchers. No more plastic bag to throw away.
  • Not using the plastic bags for loose veg.
  • Buying clothes made of natural fibres; no polyester.

Plastic Free July Reusable Tea Cup


I have already made one change. At our family barbecue we’re using my compostable party supplies and composting them afterwards. Minimal washing up for my Mum and no landfill for Cardiff Council. It’s a small change but when you consider there will be waste from around 20 people eating that will make a big difference.

Are you doing Plastic Free July? Tell me your challenges in the comments. For more information on #plasticfreejuly visit the Marine Conservation Society

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