My Home Composting Journey


I remember as a child my parents had a compost heap at the bottom of the garden. My Mum would wander down there with the vegetable peelings most days. I don’t remember them using the compost lol but I’m sure they did. Over the last few months I have once again become aware of composting. It is becoming part of my journey into reducing the waste our family uses heading to landfill.

The Compost Bin

I bought a compost bin from Cardiff Council. You can get them at the Lamby Way recycling depot or tip, if we’re not being so posh. It only cost a few pounds and it can hold 240 litres; it’s big! So cost isn’t an obstruction to starting to compost at home.

Composting Infographic

I am starting cautious in the hope that it might be successful so I’m limiting what I put into my compost heap until it’s bigger. So, sawdust from the rabbit hutch (urine is apparently a great addition to a compost heap), grass cuttings, non-seeded weeds, leaves (we have lots). From the house; fruit/vegetable peelings, tea bags, crushed egg shells, paper towels, plain cardboard like toilet rolls, scrunched up paper, sugarcane disposable party supplies.

How I’m Doing It

  • Small is key I reckon. I’m ripping paper or shredding it. Ripping up cardboard and the sugarcane party supplies.
  • Old cotton fabric offcuts are cut even smaller.
  • I’m mixing the wetter peelings with cardboard and paper.
  • Moisture. In the middle of a heatwave I’m adding water every week. Not much – maybe it’s not enough I have no idea!
  • Regular turning. Not looking forward to this one!

Why will it take so long to turn into compost though? Patience is not my strong point. Once there’s something to see I might show some photos. A few peelings aren’t very exciting to look at.

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