Make Your Own Reusable Wipes

You don’t need to be an amazing seamstress or tailor to be able to make practical utensils like wipes. In fact you don’t even need to be able to sew to make wipes!

The Non-Sew Version

If you have some pinkie shears they would be really useful. Instead of cutting in a straight line they cut in a zig zag and this stops the material edges from fraying. It means that your wipes will last longer. You can either buy material to make them from or up-cycle an old towel. 

The size is completely up to you. I have an old square  plastic container that I love the size for wipes. I place it on the fabric and draw around it with a biro before cutting out my square.

That is pretty much it! Make big or small wipes, in squares or rectangles. Stack them up in your drawer and they’re ready to go.

Washing Your Wipes

It is useful to have a laundry bag for washing them so they don’t get stuck in the drawer of the washing machine. Depending on the fabric you have used wash at 60 or 40 degrees. Towelling fabric is pretty hardy but some cottons can shrink quite a lot at higher temperatures.

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