How To Use A Shampoo Bar With Long Hair

Now some of you will wonder what I’m talking about, a shampoo bar should be simple to use.. But, when I first tried shampoo bars I found my hair felt funny afterwards, almost unclean. It didn’t matter if I changed the type of bar, it still felt the same. My hair is just below my shoulders so it’s fairly long. This is how I wash my hair for perfect results every time.

Shampoo Bar


I divide my hair into thirds! Rub the bar over each third and wash separately. When my hair was washed all at once the shampoo, although foamy wasn’t foamy enough to wash all my hair at once. So parts weren’t being washed properly. I use the same method for the conditioner bar. Divide into three and rub it over each part.

No more dodgy feeling hair! And less single use plastic packaging being used. Hope it helps. For more ideas on plastic free living click here.

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