How My Plastic Free Changes Are Going

Plastic Free Changes

On July 1st I started another #plasticfreejuly. So how is it going? Is it easy? Or am I finding it tough going. These are my plastic free changes.

Quotation Plastic Free Changes

  • Food packaging. The biggest challenge – sometimes it seems that everything is covered in plastic. Getting some fruit and veg is relatively easy; but the choice isn’t as good and it’s more expensive.
  • Soap. An easy one. Once the usual squirty kids soaps are finished it is all bars for good.
  • Shampoo bars. I bought two from Adam and Eco. I really like them. The kids are suspicious I’m just using soap lol.
  • Single use bottles. Easy. Very easy. I have either been using my reusable bottle or buying a can instead. I don’t take the children out for the day without them having a bottle of drink each, so it makes sense I include myself in those preparations.

How Can I Improve It?

  • Morrisons have new zero plastic aisles. I usually get a big shop delivered from them but they don’t give you a carrier bag free option. I’m going to have to brave taking the toddler lol.
  • My nearest high street greengrocer has been a great find. It’s a 15 minute drive but the selection is much better than if I go to Asda which is closer to me.
  • Research! Where can I bulk buy goods.
  • Research! Check everything I buy whether the plastic is recyclable. If it isn’t then put it back on the shelf.
  • My local butcher thinks I’m bonkers but he puts my meat into my Tupperware.

Half way through. It is progress and more importantly sustainable progress. All of my changes will definitely stay for the long-term. Like most people I’m finding food packaging is the hardest thing to avoid. Until shops have a financial penalty for the amount of plastic packaging they use I can’t see that changing either.

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