Eco Infinity and a Small Change to Pass on Plastic

Eco Infinity

I don’t believe we can actually survive without plastic anymore. Too much of modern life revolves around it. I mean it was a wonderful discovery; lightweight, strong, durable and colourful – what isn’t there to love? I don’t think we could have imagined how much plastic we would make, and how long it would last. Eco Infinity is my website to help make small changes in saying let’s pass on plastic.

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Eco Friendly Birthday Parties

I have three children. Children love birthday parties but if you look at a child’s birthday party what do you see? Fun, an overload of sugar and undoubtedly a few tantrums, but look closer. You often can’t recycle paper plates, plastic cutlery, plastic party bags and party favours made from plastic. I wanted to make a more eco friendly birthday party.

The aim is to use as little plastic and produce as little landfill as possible. Small changes mean big changes over your lifetime. A class invite to a party? 30 children. We can all picture the party table remnants being swept into a bin liner. And if we’re honest how much of the plastic party bag contents ever get used?

Creating Eco Friendly Parties

An Eco Infinity Party

Compostable table ware and party supplies. All of which gets thrown on the compost heap with the left over food. Paper party bags that are easily recycled, paper banners that are pretty enough to want to re-use. All of a sudden your bin liner is much more empty, and that is just one party. Multiply that by 30 children and that is a big change and you have said you like to pass on plastic.

I’m very sorry though I can’t do anything about the noise levels, tantrums or sugar overload! Good luck with those……

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