Eco friendly Cleaning At Home

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Eco friendly cleaning products

Cleaning. The word is a necessary evil. I don’t enjoy cleaning, but eco friendly cleaning products make me feel less guilty about the chemicals I am putting into the environment. These are some of my favourite products for eco friendly cleaning that I switched to a couple of years ago. But also some products that I want to purchase when I need to re-stock. I’m always on the look out for more eco conscious cleaning products. I even have a whole load of Pinterest pins on making my own cleaning products. I’m not sure I have enough spare time to be making them though.


I love the Method products. There hasn’t been one I don’t like the smell of, or been disappointed at how well they clean. This scent is my favourite. Their all purpose wild rhubarb anti-bacterial cleaner. Honestly once you have cleaned and you walk back into the room it smells lovely. Keep an eye out at your local supermarket because they are sometimes on offer. 

French Lavender is another lovely scent and the Pink Grapefruit cleaner. The bottles are large enough that they last a long time too.

The bottles are also made from recycled plastic,which eases my guilty conscience at putting an empty bottle into the recycling. The spray top I collect and put in my local Terracycle recycling point.

For wooden floors you can’t beat their almond floor cleaner. And the smell lingers for a good day or two. If you don’t like the smell of almonds that probably isn’t a selling point. The cleaner is ready to spray and a little goes a long way. I use it with my spray mop once a week.

Laundry: The Eco Egg

I made a bad choice I bought the scent free version by mistake. I don’t like my clothes that smell of nothing so I have gone back to Fairy washing powder. But at £12.99 for 210 washes it is good value for money. Better value than buying washing powder and you can get refills.


Maybe I should feel bad using a dishwasher and not washing up by hand but I don’t. I’m on a water meter and have chosen a very water efficient machine to avoid water wastage. Usually I grab whatever tablets or rinse aid are on offer but I have started using the more eco friendly brands regardless of whether they are on offer.

I prefer to use Ecover tablets and rinse aid. I usually buy from the Ethical Superstore but they are also in a lot of supermarkets if, like me, you haven’t been organised and ordered them early enough.

I do want to try this BioD dishwasher powder but the plastic container and the mixed reviews put me off.

So these are a few of my favourite products for eco friendly cleaning. My next find is something to swap my bleach down the toilet for that doesn’t involve scrubbing with a toilet brush. I hate toilet brushes and refuse to own one.