Coconut Oil Hacks

Coconut oil is amazing. This blog post is dedicated to some of my favourite coconut oil hacks. I usually have two jars going. One for cooking and one for everything else. If you have never used coconut oil this blog post might encourage you to try it.

When you buy it in the jar it’s usually solid. As it warms up it liquefies. On hot days you have a jar of liquid oil and on colder days a jar of solid oil. To use it warm it slightly in your hands or on your skin (if you’re doing any cleansing) until it is more liquid and then use it.

Coconut Oil Hacks

Here are my top uses for coconut oil

  • Cooking
  • Skin care – cleansing
  • Skin care – moisturising
  • Removing face paint
  • Use it on your hair
  • Nappy changes
  • Cradle cap


It’s really useful in cooking and baking. It is fairly tasteless, only on a couple of flapjack recipes (that admittedly used a lot) could I faintly taste any coconut. Here are some links to my tried and tested favourite recipes from Pinterest.

Skin Care – Cleansing

It’s a really good cleansing oil for removing make up. I rub my cotton pad on the surface before cleansing. You don’t need much, and since my skin is drier now than when I was younger it doesn’t cause any break outs and helps moisturise it rather than dry my skin out.

Skin Care – Moisturiser

Coconut oil is a really good moisturiser. My favourite use is on my feet. Applying before bed, cover your feet with socks and it helps soften and reduce  hard cracked skin.

Removing Face Paint

It is brilliant at removing face paint from little faces. Apply some on a wet wipe or reusable wipe and repeat until the face paint is all gone. It’s less harsh than using soap and water. With really bright colours like red it removes more of the ‘pinkness’ that you get when removing with just soap.


Use It On Your Hair

Don’t believe the sites that tell you to do it after washing. Well my hair is fairly greasy anyway and needs daily washing. If I use coconut oil before washing my hair is softer and less frizzy. If I use it after washing I look like I’ve dumped my head it in a chip fryer.

Nappy Changes

This is the best use as far as I’m concerned. Especially on dirty nappies that may have been changed a little too late. We all have times the poo is a little dried on. Coconut oil is excellent at removing poo without needing to scrub. Again put a small amount on your wipe. Just remember not to re-apply on the same wipe you don’t want to contaminate your pot.

Cradle Cap

If your baby has red sore looking cradle cap try rubbing some coconut oil into it. My Health Visitor suggested it for my youngest son and it cleared the irritation quickly. Coconut oil does have some antibacterial properties and is also antifungal as well.

Coconut oil is widely available in supermarkets now and you can expect to pay around £4 for a jar. Try and buy the best coconut oil you can and get organic if possible. If you can’t find it make sure you ask staff where it might be I’ve found it in the oil section but also in the foreign foods aisle too.

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