Change is Coming. We Have a Chance to Support It.

Not winter, but change is coming! This week Colgate announced it’s first bamboo toothbrush. Colgate is probably one of the best known dental care brands in the U.K. But why does this make me so pleased? It shows that enough people are beginning to search for, directly ask for and buy sustainable bamboo toothbrushes.

Colgate bamboo toothbrush

I have long believed that environmental change comes from market forces; people like you and me buying ordinary things with our wages. If enough of us choose to buy sustainable options, more companies will jump on the bandwagon and offer them.

The hardest part of change is having something to change to. If you use a manual toothbrush, get behind the independents that have developed sustainable options, or Colgate if that’s all that is available in your supermarket. Let’s face it if you’re working full time, have a family and commitments you don’t always have time to endlessly research on google where to buy everything you need.

Keep up the social media posts. Keep up the conversation, if you can choose between sustainable and not, leave the not sustainable on the shelf. You don’t need to martyr yourself to the cause; small changes add up over years. For example – I only buy plastic free dental floss from Acala. It may only save two plastic pots a year but over 40 years that is a lot of waste saved. Let’s hope I live that long hey.

Now if I can request bamboo reusable heads for electric toothbrushes I will be one happy lady.

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