How My Plastic Free Changes Are Going

Plastic Free Changes On July 1st I started another #plasticfreejuly. So how is it going? Is it easy? Or am I finding it tough going. These are my plastic free changes. Food packaging. The biggest challenge – sometimes it seems that everything is covered in plastic. Getting some fruit and veg is relatively easy; but the choice isn’t as good and it’s more expensive. Soap. An easy one. Once the usual squirty kids soaps are finished it is all bars for good. Shampoo bars. I bought two from Adam and Eco. I really like them. The kids are suspicious I’m … Continue reading How My Plastic Free Changes Are Going


#plasticfreejuly You will see that hashtag a lot in July. Maybe you will hear people talking about zero waste and not using being plastic free during July. Currently around 8,000 people have registered to take part. I am one of them. Eco Infinity is doing #plasticfreejuly too. I did it last year on my blog Toy Infinity and it is actually really hard to cut out all plastic. This year I am concentrating on eliminating single use plastics rather than living without plastic. My Challenge No plastic drink bottles. If we’re out and need a drink because we’re not organised enough … Continue reading #plasticfreejuly