Eco friendly Cleaning At Home

This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links mean that I get paid a small commission if you purchase through the link at no cost to you. If you don’t want to use my link you can go to the website direct by searching yourself. Cleaning. The word is a necessary evil. I don’t enjoy cleaning, but eco friendly cleaning products make me feel less guilty about the chemicals I am putting into the environment. These are some of my favourite products for eco friendly cleaning that I switched to a couple of years ago. But also some products that I … Continue reading Eco friendly Cleaning At Home

Reusable Drinks Bottles A Modern Essential

Reusable Drinks Bottles Remember in the 1980’s when you were out with your Mum and when you moaned at being thirsty the answer would be ‘you can have a drink when you get home’. I fell into that trap. The toddler always has a cup of water for him, but in the rush out of the house I would forget about my other two children – and myself. This is why I’m making the change to remembering the reusable drinks bottles. The UK uses 13 billion single use plastic bottles every single year. That’s 13 billion bottles thrown away to … Continue reading Reusable Drinks Bottles A Modern Essential

Trying to be Eco Friendly with Multiple Children

Eco Friendly with Multiple Children Well three to be precise. You tend to have a lot of stuff with one child. Multiply that up threefold and you have the potential for supplying a country’s worth of plastic just yourself. So how do I try and streamline our life to attempt to minimise our single use plastic consumption? And live trying to be more eco friendly with multiple children. Reusable nappies! I love cloth nappies. I have used the same set on all three of my children. Reusable wipes! My first two children I used home made reusable wipes, I’ve been … Continue reading Trying to be Eco Friendly with Multiple Children