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Reusable Drinks Bottles A Modern Essential

Reusable Drinks Bottles

Remember in the 1980’s when you were out with your Mum and when you moaned at being thirsty the answer would be ‘you can have a drink when you get home’. I fell into that trap. The toddler always has a cup of water for him, but in the rush out of the house I would forget about my other two children – and myself. This is why I’m making the change to remembering the reusable drinks bottles.

Reusable water bottle

The UK uses 13 billion single use plastic bottles every single year. That’s 13 billion bottles thrown away to be recycled. Except it isn’t. Only around 7.5 billion are actually recycled. And that’s from the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee. It is a cold hard fact. We need to stop buying the bottle of coke because it’s only one bottle. It is one bottle 13 billion times over.

St David’s 2 shopping arcade in Cardiff recently publicised the addition of fountains to re-fill your reusable drinks bottles. As more and more public spaces begin to adopt this approach you won’t need to beg a cafe for a re-fill of water. Or and this has happened to me. You won’t have to pay £1 for the privilege of tap water being put into your bottle. I did check if they still charged £1 with the rest of my order. Yes? I’ll just have the water then thanks.

Eco Infinity Eco Shop

Eco Infinity is stocking a new range of reusable drinks bottles. All chosen to give a variety of sizes and designs. Practical, functional but beautiful.

It is too easy to slip back into old habits. We’re in the age of commercialism – there is nothing we can’t buy and we can buy it at any time of day. I’m old enough to remember growing up with 9-5 shops and nothing open on a Sunday apart from the newsagents for the papers. Today our children want something they will be able to go somewhere and get it.

I have to re-train myself as well. Check the bag before I leave. Nappies? Wipes? Why not add cutlery and bottles onto that mental list as well? I need a caffeine hit while out. Buy a can. Yes you can’t re-close it but cans can be recycled over and over again.


Reusable bottle

Take a look at the selection of reusable bottles at Eco Infinity. If it’s your first order use code FIRST to get 10% off your total order value and there is no minimum spend either.

Happy drinking!

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Trying to be Eco Friendly with Multiple Children

Eco Friendly with Multiple Children

Well three to be precise. You tend to have a lot of stuff with one child. Multiply that up threefold and you have the potential for supplying a country’s worth of plastic just yourself. So how do I try and streamline our life to attempt to minimise our single use plastic consumption? And live trying to be more eco friendly with multiple children.

Eco friendly with multiple children

  • Reusable nappies! I love cloth nappies. I have used the same set on all three of my children.
  • Reusable wipes! My first two children I used home made reusable wipes, I’ve been a bit lazier with number three and bought more disposable wipes.
  • Reusable cups. They all have one when we go out. Never had a problem re-filling them with water when out and about.
  • Plastic cutlery. Now this one sounds weird but I’m talking about the spoons and forks that I bought 10 years ago when weaning my eldest. Perfect for slinging in the rucksack and using for unexpected snacks. I still get arguing over who has the pink one though…
  • Hand me downs. My daughter wears the old boys clothes and football kits too. And when I’m done with them they get passed on. School trousers got holes in? They cut cut down into shorts. Make do and mend for a reason!
  • Wet bag. For the swimming kit – don’t take the plastic bags they sometimes leave for wet kit. I also have one for the nappies when out and about.
  • Cotton. I never used to consider that polyester had plastic in it. I try and stick to cotton clothing.
  • Lunch boxes! I’ve made some muslin washable bags for their lunchboxes and storing cake etc. I’m trying to cut down my kitchen roll and cling film use.
  • Recycling. I drive my husband insane with my insistence on what goes in the recycling. I have boxes of waste to take to different places. But our landfill is usually just two black bags a fortnight.

Bin and Recycling

What I Fail At

It is important to admit what we’re not as good at. For most of us parents it is probably a similar story.

  • Toys. Party bag toys in particular. The tat that they bring home and never look at again.
  • Toys. We were all kids once wanting the next big thing in toys. I mean have you seen an LOL doll? The amount of plastic packaging is obscene but my daughter saves up all her pocket money to buy them. Same thing with Match Attax and sticker albums.
  • Disposable nappies. I use them overnight, none of my children sleep well in cloth. And I need my sleep!
  • Disposable wipes.
  • Cling film. I’m trying alternatives but I’ve always been a bit lazy about finding them. I make no excuses – it has just been laziness and supermarket convenience.
  • Food packaging. My biggest fail. I can’t do a totally plastic free shop without affecting their diet, and I’m not prepared to limit what I feed them.


How do you compare? Do you have any suggestions for changes I could make? Tell me. I’m always trying to be more eco friendly with multiple children. To read about my journey with composting as a waste disposal technique read here.

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