Can You Find Party Supplies Without Plastic?

Party Supplies Without Plastic

Can you find party supplies without plastic? It is an increasingly common question. Well if you are here you know you can. I don’t believe you need plastic to party.

Eco Friendly Party Supplies to Go Green

How To Party Without Plastic

  • Think about using natural fibres only
  • Plan ahead for a zero waste strategy
  • Minimise how much single use supplies you use
  • Reusable is the key to long term and affordable plastic free parties

Natural Fibres Only

Natural fibres means anything that can be grown. If it is natural it can generally be composted, and composting is a brilliant zero waste Why of disposing of party waste. Paper and cardboard, bamboo, wood, sugarcane fibres, palm leaf supplies and reusable coconut bowls.

Zero Waste Strategy

Zero Waste sounds difficult but all it means is you don’t use anything that can’t be composted or recycled. Only 9% of all the plastic ever manufactured has been recycled; and it can only be recycled a few times. Concentrate on easily recycled materials like glass, aluminium and paper.

Minimise Single Use

Yes I sell single use supplies so it might sound strange to advocate considering reusable. But if you have a lot of parties in the long run reusable will save you money. This also includes food packaging. What food can you serve that doesn’t come wrapped in plastic film? Food packaging is hard to avoid! But every little bit you can avoid is worth the effort.

Reusable Party Supplies

I sell a lot of bunting and party decorations that are perfect for keeping and re-using year after year. Made from paper, cardboard and twine most of them are suitable for composting once they’re damaged. If you have space to buy reusable party plates made from bamboo in some beautiful colours you will have a gorgeous party year on year. An easy and space saving way to start are reusable table cloths and napkins.

Click here for compostable party supplies without plastic and some funky square sugarcane plates.

Creating Eco Friendly Parties

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