Eco friendly Cleaning At Home

This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links mean that I get paid a small commission if you purchase through the link at no cost to you. If you don’t want to use my link you can go to the website direct by searching yourself. Cleaning. The word is a necessary evil. I don’t enjoy cleaning, but eco friendly cleaning products make me feel less guilty about the chemicals I am putting into the environment. These are some of my favourite products for eco friendly cleaning that I switched to a couple of years ago. But also some products that I … Continue reading Eco friendly Cleaning At Home

How To Do Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July Started by the Marine Conservation Society this is how to do Plastic Free July. There is an Instagram version of plastic free living and it is hard to achieve; especially if like me, you have a fairly large family. The recent BBC1 show War on Plastic with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall showed that we do need to try and reduce our dependence on single use plastics. Let me tell you the easy ways I have found to drastically reduce my plastic waste I am throwing away. Reusable dish cloths Reusable wipes Tupperware storage boxes for shopping Reusable cup Bars … Continue reading How To Do Plastic Free July

Can You Find Party Supplies Without Plastic?

Party Supplies Without Plastic Can you find party supplies without plastic? It is an increasingly common question. Well if you are here you know you can. I don’t believe you need plastic to party. How To Party Without Plastic Think about using natural fibres only Plan ahead for a zero waste strategy Minimise how much single use supplies you use Reusable is the key to long term and affordable plastic free parties Natural Fibres Only Natural fibres means anything that can be grown. If it is natural it can generally be composted, and composting is a brilliant zero waste Why … Continue reading Can You Find Party Supplies Without Plastic?

The Plastic Bottle Return Scheme

Scotland are leading the way. Wales led the way with a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags. Scotland have already decided that a 20p fee will be paid on the return of a single use plastic drinks bottles. The deposit return scheme even includes cans and glass bottles. It is only PET plastic bottles at the moment – think your fizzy drinks and water – not your milk containers. So exactly how is this going to work? These things take time and the scheme isn’t going to be in action until 2021; but the effect could be huge. Imagine the … Continue reading The Plastic Bottle Return Scheme

Home Composting and What is Compostable?

There is a lot of talk about compostable packaging and food supplies. Manufacturers often talk about how their packaging composts within 12 weeks. Or how the coffee cup you are using is compostable. What they don’t tell you is their claims are based on commercial composting on an industrial scale. If you think of composting do you picture a big industrial facility or a heap in your back garden? So what is home composting and what is compostable? Home Composting It is simple to do. It can be cheap – it depends on if you build your own compost heap … Continue reading Home Composting and What is Compostable?

DIY Beeswax Wraps At Home

DIY Beeswax Wraps Making your own DIY beeswax wraps couldn’t be easier. It is an especially good way of using up old cotton fabric remnants. No special equipment is needed; in fact you can do the process with only three things. Cotton fabric, beeswax and a heat source; either an iron or oven at low heat. Where To Buy Beeswax Ebay and Amazon have a lot of beeswax blocks for sale. You can choose your quantity. I bought my block from Live Moor. It came really quickly and postage is free. Method Measure the pots and pans you usually use … Continue reading DIY Beeswax Wraps At Home

Reusable Drinks Bottles A Modern Essential

Reusable Drinks Bottles Remember in the 1980’s when you were out with your Mum and when you moaned at being thirsty the answer would be ‘you can have a drink when you get home’. I fell into that trap. The toddler always has a cup of water for him, but in the rush out of the house I would forget about my other two children – and myself. This is why I’m making the change to remembering the reusable drinks bottles. The UK uses 13 billion single use plastic bottles every single year. That’s 13 billion bottles thrown away to … Continue reading Reusable Drinks Bottles A Modern Essential

Trying to be Eco Friendly with Multiple Children

Eco Friendly with Multiple Children Well three to be precise. You tend to have a lot of stuff with one child. Multiply that up threefold and you have the potential for supplying a country’s worth of plastic just yourself. So how do I try and streamline our life to attempt to minimise our single use plastic consumption? And live trying to be more eco friendly with multiple children. Reusable nappies! I love cloth nappies. I have used the same set on all three of my children. Reusable wipes! My first two children I used home made reusable wipes, I’ve been … Continue reading Trying to be Eco Friendly with Multiple Children

My Home Composting Journey

Composting I remember as a child my parents had a compost heap at the bottom of the garden. My Mum would wander down there with the vegetable peelings most days. I don’t remember them using the compost lol but I’m sure they did. Over the last few months I have once again become aware of composting. It is becoming part of my journey into reducing the waste our family uses heading to landfill. The Compost Bin I bought a compost bin from Cardiff Council. You can get them at the Lamby Way recycling depot or tip, if we’re not being … Continue reading My Home Composting Journey