Where’s the Shop Gone?

I want to do some work upgrading my website and it is easier to do it having moved my selling onto other platforms for a while. I will mostly be selling on Etsy with my Etsy store HelloEcoInfinity. So this […]


My Home Composting Journey

Composting I remember as a child my parents had a compost heap at the bottom of the garden. My Mum would wander down there with the vegetable peelings most days. I don’t remember them using the compost lol but I’m […]

Plastic Free July


#plasticfreejuly You will see that hashtag a lot in July. Maybe you will hear people talking about zero waste and not using being plastic free during July. Currently around 8,000 people have registered to take part. I am one of […]


Why Sugarcane Plates?

Why Sugarcane Tableware? Sugarcane fibres are a natural by-product of extracting the juice from the sugarcane. The waste fibres are usually incinerated but there is an increasing trend to using the fibres to form disposable party supplies. Why do I […]