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Eco Infinity eco friendly blogI have a big interest in making my life more eco friendly and reducing my single use plastic consumption. In my past life as a research scientist (quite a few years ago now) research and problem solving were part of my daily life. With Eco Infinity I have applied those skills to finding answers, eco conscious products and ways of reducing my family’s impact on the environment. The Eco Infinity eco friendly blog was born!

As a Mum of three children I am a realist and a practical person. I’m not here to make you feel guilty about what you don’t do, but show changes you could do. On social media even I get guilted for my failings by images of perfect zero waste living. If you aim for perfection you will fail. Aim for practical changes that can become lifetime changes.

So, welcome to my eco friendly blog. Have a read and I hope you can use some of my research in your own life. Or just enjoy reading it with a cup of tea.